Meet Ashbo, Eva’s Fish (aka the animal in the humidifier)

I was going through my Instagram and I realized I forgot to post this little story on my blog.

A month or so ago, Eva woke up coughing and I bought her a humidifier (I wrote about that a while back…). After filling up the tank, Eva was crying and so I was trying to do anything to get her to settle down since I knew the tears would make her cold worse. Nothing worked, so I told her to come look at the humidifier. The next part went sort of like this:

Me: Eva, come look at the humidifier.
Eva: (Still crying)
Me: Look… what does it look like? Does it look like a fish tank…?
Eva: (Starting to calm down and acting curious)
Me: (Then my mind just led one thing to another and I started telling a little white lie…) Yeah… Eva… it’s a fish tank! Maybe you should look in there and you might see a fish!
Eva: (Running over and getting excited)
Me: You know… a fish… yeah… an ANIMAL! There’s an ANIMAL in here… COME LOOK!

There you have it. I felt so bad because for about a whole week, Eva would try so hard to look for the fish in the tank. Then she started calling it Ashbo. I have no idea where that came from but she STILL talks about Ashbo to this day.


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