I will forever and always love Martha

For the first few months when I was engaged, I felt that I should buy a bridal magazine every time I went to the store. As time went by, the pile became increasingly larger, but I started regretting buying so many magazines because they all had the same ads and information. But one magazine I 100% do not regret buying is Martha Stewart’s Bridal magazine. Let me tell you, Martha knows how to throw a wedding.

But that’s not all Martha Stewart knows how to do… she’s amazing! I lately have been surfing her website a lot trying to think of new DIY ideas to redo our condo. I also have been trying to cook a few new meals each week. So right now, Martha Stewart is a vital source of inspiration. Let me share a few of my favorite finds:

Chalkboard spray-painted pots

Now that we have been cooking a lot, I thought it would be fun to grow our own herbs, especially cilantro. It’s both useful and decorative!

Wicker basket pots

We have a really nice front porch and side patio, but it’s quite bare, so I really want to get some flowers, and these homemade wicker baskets are such a cute touch!

Garden-glow lanterns

We have a strand of these from our wedding reception and didn’t know what to with them, next time we have a little dinner party, I am going to hang them out on our patio!

Chocolate Chip Ship

We were given three cake platters for wedding gifts. I know I should have taken one, or even two back, but they were each so different and extremely presh, I just couldn’t give any of them up. But I decided if I was going to keep them, I had to use them. So first thing on the list: this chocolate chip ship-icecream cake! To beat Martha’s creativity, which is what it’s all about, I’m going to add those lego pirate men!

Superneutral Bathroom

I love love loveeeee this combination! Who knew that this peach and teal combo is just as cute as, my favorite, tiffany blue with ruby red! We have yellow tiled floor, so I don’t think this will work for where we live, but maybe one day…

Touch of Wallpaper

I think this is another great idea. I really like wallpaper. But clearly it can be overwhelming and too much chaos to wallpaper a whole room. So to put it in a closet is perfect because it brightens up the space and accents the rest of the room.

That’s all for now. Thanks Martha!

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