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We spent our Thanksgiving just up in Alpine and American Fork with T.J.’s family. For Thanksgiving dinner, we ate with T.J.’s aunt’s family and parents. Everything was absolutely delicious and I even had enough room in my big belly for seconds. After the dinner, we all went to see Arthur Christmas, which was awesome. Seriously. I didn’t think I’d like it but I laughed so hard and even cried. It was such a cute Christmas movie, had a tender message, and will be added to my must-watch Christmas movie list from now on.

To end the night, we headed over to Walmart to try to get a Kinect Bundle, but we were about 30 people too late. We were disappointed but it’s not a huge deal… one day we’ll get one, hopefully.

On Friday, we got up at eight so we wouldn’t waste away our weekend. Turns out, that just made us really sleepy and so we had to take a couple of naps throughout the day. But we had fun going to a couple of stores and enjoying the crazy Black Friday rush. For Christmas this year, I told T.J. I just want clothes and I want to pick them out because I haven’t been able to shop at my favorite stores since I’ve been pregnant. But, I want to buy them after the baby comes considering I’m the size of a whale right now. So, most of the things we got were for T.J. and other family members. We scored a lot of great deals and enjoyed looking at all the Christmas displays.

Friday night, T.J.’s parents treated us again to another movie… The Muppets! It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting but it was still really funny and cute. Some of the songs won’t get out of my head and I’m perfectly okay with it!

We slept over at T.J.’s parents’ house last night because this morning Holly was having her baby blessing. It was so special and sweet to see T.J.’s brother give the blessing and to think that in three weeks, T.J. will be blessing our little one.

And finally, tonight T.J., Mark (T.J.’s dad), and I went to the Gateway in Salt Lake to walk around and see the lights. We had a nice evening together… it was the perfect ending to the holiday weekend! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too!


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  1. nancy
    nancy says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and your thankful list. I’m so thankful you have such great in-laws and aunts and uncles in UT. And husband, of course too. The Lord is so good to all of us.


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