Macy’s Santaland

Santaland at Macy’s was so neat! There wasn’t much of a line since we went late on a weekday, so we got to enjoy all the setup but didn’t have to deal with a crowd!

The best part was that they have probably 10-20 rooms at the end of line (which is all decorated and adorable) that all have Santas in them. It makes the line go much faster, but the kids can’t see that there is more than one Santa there! It was such a cool idea, and fun to be in a room with Santa by ourselves!

Santa asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I felt like Ralphie in the Christmas Story, when Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas and, tongue-tied he said he wanted a football. I was put on the spot and didn’t know what to say, so I said a car. Gotta dream big, right?

A football! Wake up, stupid!

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