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For the memory of the day, I thought I would do the typical one-year recap since it is the start of the year:

In January, T.J. surprised me and proposed at Chili’s! The next day, he and his roommates threw a fun, black light dance party. Later that month, an internship fell into my with Lava7. I worked there for the rest of the semester and learned a little bit about Social Media Marketing.

In February, T.J. and I went to see a sappy movie for Valentine’s day. He bought tickets for a theater in the west valley accidentally, so it was quite the adventure to get there.

In March, it was my 21st birthday. T.J. took me to Salt Lake City for the night, where we ate a great meal at Tucanos. We were both very busy in school, but couldn’t focus because we were so excited about getting married.

In April, my Mom came into town to help me plan for the wedding. Hannah threw me a Bridal shower, and I went home for two weeks to spend time with family and finish up wedding plans.

In May, I had a little Bachelorette party, went through the Temple with my family and T.J.’s family, and was married on the 22nd. We went to California for our Honeymoon, where we went to Disneyland, Hollywood, and the beach.

In June, we had a reception back in Cincinnati and got to spend lots of time with my family. My uncle told us hilarious stories and we played croquette in the backyard.

In July, we went camping with Lacey and Josh, went to Albuquerque for Dustin and Lindsay’s wedding, and Enterprise for Pioneer day. It was a busy month, but we had a blast and finally started adjusting to being married.

In August, we went to St. George and hiked the Narrows in Zion National Park with our friends Heidi and Sean.

September was filled with school and football.

In October, we went to see the Magic Flute on campus and threw a Halloween party. T.J. was Luigi and I was Bob from What About Bob and also a Leopard.

In November, we went to Harry Potter, I hung out with my little friend Savanah often, and we went to Enterprise for Thanksgiving.

December, we had a great Christmas with T.J.’s family and then headed to Cincinnati to celebrate with my side of the family.

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