Lots of Kicks on Week 26

As you probably could tell from my previous post, I got a little frustrated this weekend with the balloon under my shirt. But I have wonderful friends and family who really helped me get over it and realize I only have 14 weeks left! (On the downside, the next 14 weeks I will be growing like crazy.) But fortunately my attitude has changed a bit and I’m okay at the moment. Also, the new jeans I bought last night (pictured below AND on clearance) helped a lot.

Oh, and don’t mind the repetitive shirt that you saw in the last baby bump photo… I promise I wear other clothes!

Just in case you’re interested, I thought I’d share four things I’ve learned about myself lately:

  1. I can no longer bend over. Some angles are still possible, but for the most part I have to try to maneuver awkwardly or get down on my knees.
  2. The baby controls my sleep schedule. It reminds me of how my mom would say, “I’m up… everyone’s up!”
  3. They weren’t kidding when they say your feet will grow when you’re pregnant! I can’t fit into one pair of my shoes anymore and the other ones are getting pretty snug. It’s not just that they’re swollen, they’re actually longer!
  4. I know how this thing is supposed to come out of me… but I  can’t believe I will actually have to do that. In essence, the thought of labor scares me to death. So as much as I want this bump to move on its way, I’m also just fine with where it is.
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  1. Jessie
    Jessie says:

    I know you probably hear this a lot but I’ll say it anyway Katie… you are such a cute pregnant lady! You’re right, its just a little balloon and the rest of you is still amazingly slender. So cute!

  2. Kiana McAllister
    Kiana McAllister says:

    Katie! First off, you are adorable pregnant! Don’t worry about the weight, it comes off 🙂 and secondly, labor is wonderful with an epidural… seriously, get one. I was convinced I was going to do it all natural but as soon as the epidural came I was in heaven. So don’t worry about that part of it, you’ll be a natural haha.


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