Losing My Mind

Morning after morning now I have woken up because of this stupid cold–not being able to breathe. It’s been going on for TWO weeks now. Two. It is ridiculous and out of control. I cannot tell you how many Tylenol Cold pills I’ve taken (with the approval and recommendation of my doctor), how many orange juice jugs I’ve drank (how I haven’t gotten a cold sore because of it is beyond me), how many cups of soup I’ve eaten (please don’t make me eat another bowl of chicken noodle), and how many tissues I’ve used (I should have bought the lotion kind). I am up again before 7 and so the only question I have right now is,

Am I supposed to learn something from this cold?

Because that’s the only reason I can see why it’s dragging on. Maybe it’s to help me get up in the middle of the night so I’m ready with the baby. I don’t know. But currently, I would really like it to LEAVE ME ALONE. My nose is chapped (even with vaseline) and I’m sick of sounding like a smoker.


Sick and Tired

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