Looking Back Pt. 4

Sorry if these are getting boring to you. But I’m super emotional right now about my BYU experience ending and need to write all these posts.

Senior year. Wow. I couldn’t believe that I was finally a Senior. Things were different. I was married, not living as close to campus, and unsure of what was to come in the future (as I still am).

The first day of school, I was a wreck. It was like Freshman year all over again. Major anxiety, I was sick and SO nervous about meeting the people in my classes. I don’t know why, I already knew most of the people in the program.

Fall Semester was awesome because it made me realize what my passion was in advertising. I decided I loved the Account Planning side of things and hoped I’d be in New York the following summer with a Planning internship.

I worked really hard in my classes, loved my major and was so grateful that I chose what I chose, instead of Geography or Elementary Education. (Not that those are bad majors, but they just wouldn’t have been right for me).

I learned how to balance being a wife and a student. It was hard, especially when finals would come around and I would never see T.J. He’d spend the night on campus over and over working all night long on his Graphic Design projects, and I’d be at home studying and changing my plans about my future over and over. Grad School. No, job. No… Grad School…. no… job…. I DON’T KNOW!

We decorated our home for holidays, had several get-togethers through the year, I tried to hang out with my old girlfriends as much as I could, I worked on my capstone project for hours on hours, I got a job, quit a job, had some ridiculous interviews, gained some weight (oh, to be thin again….), and then learned I’d be gaining some more weight but would lose most of it in ninth months.

And that’s kind of where my life changed. I turned down the New York internship, prayed constantly for guidance and help in the next few months, sometimes felt jealous of my friends who got awesome advertising jobs across the country, but then remembered that the greatest blessing was happening to T.J. and I in a couple of months, walked in graduation, and took my final exam of my undergrad years.

So, there I was sitting on that bench yesterday waiting to be picked up from school as a student for the last time. And all I could think about was how I cannot believe it is all over. I can’t believe how fast those four years went. I can’t believe how many amazing people I met, how many activities I attended, how many devotionals I sat through, how many classes I sometimes skipped. How many prophets and apostles I got to hear on my own campus. How many points I got to see Jimmer shoot. How many late nights I spent on campus studying and how many crazy nights I had with my friends. I can’t believe how fortunate I was to be accepted in the Advertising program. I can’t believe I finished all my GEs. I can’t believe I found someone perfect for me to marry and that I now call Provo, Utah, my home.

It’s been a wonderful journey and I am so blessed that I could be a part of this incredible campus.

“When you walk out of this hall, with your diploma in hand, I hope you will take with you an unassailable spiritual strength. I repeat that this is a unique and remarkable university. It is an institution where you may learn the secular things of the world as well as you might learn them anywhere else on earth. And then there is a spiritual value that undergirds all that is done here. How marvelous a thing in the human character is a certain and solid assurance that God our Eternal Father lives. How richly blessed is that young man or woman who knows that he or she can approach the Almighty in quiet and humble prayer. How enriched is the individual who, as he or she goes out into the world, knows that all men and women are sons and daughters of God, each endowed with a divine birthright. How beneficial to come to the realization that, since we are all children of God, we all are brothers and sisters in a very real sense.” –President Gordon B. Hinckley


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