Looking Back Pt. 3

Everything changed once I met T.J. That relationship was different than any of the others I had ever had. But, this is not our love story post, this is a “looking back through college years post,” so I will spare you those loveydovey details.

Junior year, I moved to a new apartment complex. We like to refer to it as the lighthouse because it was so skinny and so tall. It was really crappy on the outside, and pretty crappy in the inside but it was cheap and I had my own bedroom. Bliss.

The first night there was rough. I cried. What else is new? It was just so small and so dirty! The girls before us didn’t clean the place at all and thinking of having to clean up after them made me sick. But you get what you pay for, right? I grew to love Skyview (aka, the lighthouse). It had it quirks, but we had so much fun. Probably the best time at Skyview was when all of us roomies watched Gone With the Wind for the first time. Oh man, that was awesome. Hannah and I had a blast too living together. And although there were times we wanted to kill eachother, it was the BTOOL (best time of our lives).

Junior year I also had to decide if I was going on a mission or going to marry T.J.

The answer came in a lesson during Mission Prep. Yeah, I know, you think because I was in Mission Prep the answer would have been completely different. But something the teacher said that day really hit me. Sometimes we are going to have two good choices to choose from and it’s up to us to use the faith to make the one we think is best and not look back.

It was a year full of friendships, spontaneity, going to the gym with Hannah, seeing our crazy next door neighbors get tazed, loving my advertising classes, a roadtrip to Vegas, being engaged, watching Gossip Girl, and having my momma visit. Another wonderful year at BYU.

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