Looking Back Pt. 2

Freshman year ended. It was full of on-campus dances, football and basketball games, high school musical obsession, learning what a frozen burrito was, eating mass amounts of graham canyon icecream, and working at Old Navy and the Creamery. I got a scholarship for the Spring term and so I decided to stay for a couple more months. All of my freshman friends left and it was time to make new ones.

I moved to Chatham and started my glory days. Seriously, Chatham was the BEST. It made all the difference in the world. I loved my ward, my roommates, my new friends, my classes, the weather. Things were certainly looking up and I was so excited to be living in my new apartment and live the single life. I got so into it that I didn’t want to come home (breaking my parents’ hearts), but they controlled the finances… so I ended up coming home anyways haha. (What was I thinking, by the way?! I’d pay anything to visit home right now!)

I met so many amazing people that year, had some crazy relationships that have given me countless dating stories (good, bad, and funny), dyed my hair for the first time, wore 3 different Halloween costumes, realized I love hosting and planning parties, discovered the beauty of Utah, declared my major, and… met T.J. Yay.

Overall, it was an incredible year. I fell in love with BYU and started to consider it my home.


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