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I barely have any motivation to blog. The time change has thrown Eva for a loop so I’m pretty exhausted and the free time I do have, I don’t want to be spending it writing. But I’m forcing myself to write a little more today because I’m so behind.

It seems like everything in my life is changing. And really fast. We don’t have much time to think, we just have to make decisions and make them quick. So, let me catch you up to speed.

A month ago, T.J. went to New York to interview for internships this summer, one at a studio called ThinkSo and another at Johnson & Johnson. He was excited for either but reallllllly hoping for J&J because it seemed like a better opportunity (plus paid double!). We prayed and we fasted that whatever happened would be best for our family and that we’d feel confident in our decision to send T.J. out there for the summer. Well, he got the ThinkSo internship a couple weeks ago. It felt SO good just to know he definitely had an internship but I could tell he still was hoping to hear from J&J. Days and then weeks were going by and we still hadn’t heard from J&J. Emails were exchanged, T.J. almost gave up and was about to say yes to ThinkSo. But then last Friday he heard from J&J who welcomed him on board.

T.J. was ecstatic. I was ecstatic. Eva was even pretty happy.

What comes next? He starts first week of May. As soon as I heard that it started that early my happiness turned into complete sadness thinking my husband would be leaving in just a matter of weeks for the ENTIRE summer. We’re talking about four whole months.

But, I’m slowly convincing myself it will be okay. We are going to rely on Skype this summer and have me visit at some point. He will be living with another couple in his program in a two-bedroom apartment (which we have yet to find) and so I can come visit and have a place to stay with Eva. But I definitely am not going out there for May… so I say farewell to my hubby in two weeks for at least a month, most likely longer.

More changes. I’m going to have a friend of mine live with me for the summer so I don’t get too lonely, scared, or in-over-my-head with Eva. It will be nice to have her around and I’m grateful she is willing to put up with me for the summer.

So, there you have it. Wish us luck and please send me your tips/stories of when you and your spouse spent time apart and how you coped!


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