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I’ve been wanting to post about this for over a week now, but I decided I shouldn’t until I had done it for more than a couple of days…

I’ve been exercising every day and trying to eat healthy. I got two apps on my phone that seriously are amazing.

The first one is Nike+GPS. It tracks your jogs and tells you how fast you go, how many miles you went, and keeps track of your records. It is so motivating because it makes me want to go faster, longer, and beat my records! I’ve always been so jealous of people who go out on long runs, especially around here because Utah is so beautiful. Hopefully, I’l be one of those people soon!

The second app is by Livestrong, called DailyPlate. You input everything you eat and then it counts all the nutrition content for you. It even maps out your weight loss and calorie intake. It really encourages me to eat healthier, plus makes me aware how much food I eat without even thinking! The first couple of days were a HUGE wake-up call for me!

In addition to those two apps, I have been doing Pilates on my own with a book I have (my stomach is SO sore today!) and I’ve been eating these Healthy Choice frozen meals. Usually I’m not a fan of frozen meals, but these are steamed and so the flavors are really fresh!

I had great success for seven days straight, then on Friday I got a blister so I took a couple days off of jogging and the weekend came along and I didn’t track my calories. But I got back on track yesterday and it felt so good!

In the week and a half I’ve been doing this, I have lost 2.5 pounds! But most importantly, it REALLY has affected my mood and made me much happier. I feel a sense of accomplishment, plus it gives me something to do and a goal to work towards while T.J. is gone.

Scenes from my jogs:


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