Life at Home

Between the kids getting sick and TJ taking the car to work quite often, we have been at home a lot recently. It actually has grown on me. As you know, I’m definitely the type of person who loves to get out everyday and go on new adventures with the kids as much as possible, so at first it seemed so hard to be stuck at home ALL.DAY.LONG. The days still seem long at times, but with play dates, lots of crafts, and a little creativity, we are getting used to it!

One late afternoon, Finn was napping, so I took Eva outside and we played in the snow together. She found ice pieces and could have played with them all night long-she pretended they were pieces of a castle. It’s so fun to see her creative mind at work.

I searched long and hard for a new winter coat. I had several specifications. It needed to be in my budget and if it was too much, it had to be PERFECT. It needed a hood, needed to go to my knees, needed to cinch at the waist so I don’t look like a balloon, needed to be warm and soft, and needed to be a gray (or something other than black). I seriously went to about fifty stores and didn’t find one that I loved. Columbia had one but it was over my budget and wasn’t the warmest kind they had, so I just couldn’t let myself spend so much money! I was SO incredibly frustrated and figured I’d just wear my old Hollister coat I’ve had for nearly ten years for another season. Then I went to Target, you know… where I go 80 times a week, and lo and behold… I found this coat and it was on sale for $40! It’s not quite as warm as I had hoped, since I wanted a down one, but for $40, I can just wear a fleece underneath if I really need to. I love it! Here’s a photo with my sidekick, she loves jumping around in that big Target bag!

My kids started playing together this month a lot and I LOVE IT! They are so cute. This is why people have more kids!

I took this on the night before Eva turned five. I told her it would be the last day she would ever be four years old. She and I almost started crying! She said she would miss being four. I’ll miss you being four too, Eva Kay!

We went to music class for the first time in a long time last week. Finn didn’t sit still at all, but really did enjoy being with all those kids and dancing along to the music.

Here’s my cutie on his motorcycle, his ultimate favorite toy. He’s started standing on the seat, and tries to let go. What a daredevil. Eva was never like that! Boys… #amiright?!

We made a felt tree to stick on the wall with felt ornaments for the kids to play with. Finn’s idea of “playing” with the ornaments is ripping everything down. One day we were really bored and so we made clothes out of paper bags, colored them, and then did a fashion show. It was so funny!

Here’s my cute girl all ready to play in the snow!

She has always loved making snow angels. This is the face of pure joy!

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