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Lids down, I count sheep, I count heartbeats.

I was a big Barenaked Ladies (the band) fan growing up. Probably because my brother loved them and so I had to like everything he liked. But they were a really good band and last night, I was reminded of it.

Pregnancy + Sore Throat = Insomnia

I started singing “Who Needs Sleep” in my head then decided to get out of bed (hey, that rhymed!). Already this morning (it’s not even 7:30 yet), I have taken a shower, read in my birthing book, eaten a bowl of oatmeal, drank a cup of hot cider, worked a little for my dad, read the posts on my Google Reader, and now I’m finishing a blog post. Pretty impressive.

And although I was kind of bitter that I couldn’t sleep at all, it’s (1) preparing me for a couple of weeks and (2) I get to watch the snow fall right now!

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