{Last} Party in the LAO: Can I get a scholastic holla?

Two years ago, in addition to just getting my wisdom teeth taken out, I had an interview at the Harold B. Lee Library on campus in the Administrative Offices (LAO). With my cheeks still puffy, I met with the man who became my boss for the next three years. His name was Roger.

I guess the wisdom-teeth bruises didn’t scare Roger too much because he gave me the job offer to be a graphic designer and I accepted. Shortly after I started,  I realized that Roger, among many others, would be some of my favorite coworkers (and bosses) I had ever had.

A little bit about some of the people at the LAO who influenced me:

Roger, my design boss. The most understanding boss you’ll ever come across.

Wendy, the office boss. Always has an awesome/crazy story to tell us about her young women.

Danica, the blonde-then brunette-then blonde secretary. The only person who catches all of my obscure Arrested Development and Office quotes.

Eliesa, the stylish secretary. Has the hair of movie-star and might eat just as many goldfish as me.

Jeanette, the hilarious secretary. Cannot hold back her laughter even in critical moments–so naturally, I try to push her limits.

Cassandra, the secretary who’s not really a secretary. The sweetest freshman you’ll ever meet.

Christopher, my fellow graphic-designer. Always helped me with the projects I didn’t want to do–even if he didn’t want to do them either.


There were many more secretaries, graphic designers, and administrators who all helped to make these past three years some of the best. And all the times we had together will be memories I’ll keep forever: The day the alarms went off and we thought it was a terrorist attack, the day I cut my finger and had to go to the Health Center, the fall conferences I was allowed to attend, the many MANY gchats we had when we were sitting next to each other, all the crazy projects we had to do, the day Rebecca Black’s Friday video came out, the day the HBLL released the Newspice video, all the food we got to eat (oh, so much food), the time we got to watch Jimmer in the conference room, the time we got to taste-test Yogurtland for “work purposes.”

Believe me, I wouldn’t be leaving this place if there was anyway for me to stay. But unfortunately, rules are rules. And BYU is kicking me out after graduation. I loved my job and am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work for the library. Now, I’ve gotta wrap this up because I’m a hormonal pregnant woman who is about to burst into tears right here at work.

So, here’s to the HBLL and more importantly, the LAO. You taught me how to be a scholar. I’ll miss you guys.


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