Last of December in NYC

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I had to run errands in Hoboken one afternoon, so I treated myself to some Carlo’s Bakery treats!

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I hosted a playgroup at my house where we made homemade ornaments. Yeah… I threw it away almost immediately. It was much harder than anticipated, but I still enjoyed doing it with Eva and now I know it’s not worth doing it again, haha!

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A couple of days in December, we had some warmish weather! It was fabulous to get to go to the park again!

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In our Sears next door at the mall, they have this Kidville place set up. Your kids can play if you buy something from the children’s department and then your receipt is good for two days. We go pretty much twice a week. I just buy something small, like an undershirt or something from clearance. But it’s perfect to let the kids run around. Eva loves it and calls it the “store park.”

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We had a Family Home Evening about the nativity one Monday night, and pulled out all of the figurines for Eva to look and play with. We emphasized many times that Christmas is about Jesus and at the end I asked her what Christmas is really about and instead of saying, “Jesus,” she replied, “CANDY CANES!” #facepalm

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The Saturday before we left for KY, we made gingerbread houses at a friend’s house. She had made all of the gingerbread herself… I was so impressed, and also couldn’t stop eating it! This was mine and Eva’s house!

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