Kentucky Trip

The Monday after Christmas, Finn, Eva, and I headed to Kentucky to visit my parents. It was the first time I had flown with both kids, I was a little nervous but it went pretty well. I lucked out both flying out there and coming back by my original flights with a connection getting delayed or canceled so they put me on direct flights each way!

The first week I was there, my mom was still on Christmas vacation. We ate a lot of treats (my Aunt from Greece sent Baklava), played hard with the kids, and celebrated on New Years. For New Years Eve, we turned on the ball drop from 2015 on Youtube at 7 pm so Eva could celebrate with us! We had a little dance party and even let Eva drink sparkling cider from fancy glasses. That girl loves a good party. We were party animals and caught up on Good Wife that night together!

On New Years Day, we had a couple people over for sour kraut and ribs to ring in the new year with good luck! And then over the weekend, my mom gave a great lesson in Relief Society about setting goals, so it was fun to be there for that.

While I was in Kentucky, my dad and I took the kids to the Children’s museum and then the next day we all went to the aquarium together. My mom had Friday off of school so we took the day to shop up at Kenwood, which we always enjoy doing together! The kids were perfect that afternoon and Finn was in my wrap, smiling at everyone he passed.

Let’s see other highlights…

  • My dad has an office now at the Levee so I got to check that out! It’s a great space and very exciting!
  • We visited with my uncle and aunt, along with my sister Ashley, at Larosa’s
  • Ashley spent a couple days with us and played tons with Eva. She taught her how to play “Family” or “House” where Eva called her “sweet pea.”
  • We got to meet Ashley’s scary cat, which made us all laugh so much afterwards.
  • I met up with my friends Lelia and Kelly. It was nice to catch up with old friends from High School!
  • We made a gingerbread house together.
  • I ate all my KY/Cincinnati foods while I was there… Skyline, Larosa’s, Busken cookies, Graeter’s Ice Cream

We had a fabulous trip and miss them so much!

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