Just for fun. Just for fun.

During Church on Sundays, T.J. and I list our favorite names.

Baby names.

I’m not pregnant nor are there plans for that soon, but I love love love thinking about baby names. It tends to spark contention between T.J. and me, but I usually can stop a fight with,

When you carry the baby for 9 months, you can have the final say.

Here are our favs. Fortunately, T.J. and I agree on the majority of them.

  1. Evelyn. We’d call her Eva.
  2. Leighton. We’d call her Leighton.
  3. Brooklyn. We’d call her Brooklyn
  1. Lincoln. I secretly will call him Link because of Hairspray.
  2. Bentley (I guess we like car names?). We’d call him Bent. Just kidding.
  3. Liam. T.J. dislikes this name, but it’s my favorite. Partially because Liam Neeson is the man.

Three girls. Three boys. Perfect.

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  1. eliesa
    eliesa says:

    i regret to inform you. we like 2 of the same boy names… a LOT. ohhh well. we like them for different reasons 🙂 i suppose it’s to be expected. we ARE very similiar…


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