J&J Christmas Party

T.J.’s work party was last Wednesday and he really wanted Eva and I to come. Since we hadn’t been to his work since his internship, I thought it would be a good chance to meet some of his coworkers and his bosses. But guys, he works on 12th avenue. That’s like as far west as you can get in NYC. The train stops at 6th avenue, and it’s a pain to take busses. I thought about taking a cab, but Eva was warm and doing well in her stroller. So, I made the long trek over to his office in the cold! It was good exercise, at least. After such a long walk, I was so excited to get to the party and have some fun!

But as I was getting closer to his office, T.J. called me to say that the party wasn’t exactly how he imagined it. We were expecting sugar cookies, casual conversation, and games. Sort of like his happy hours at work each Friday. But it was swanky! Loud music, dark room, fancy outfits, lots of little fancy appetizers (that actually were really good), and no children. They invited families, but in NYC usually a family consists of just two people. So, we stuck out when Eva and I walked in the room. People literally were pointing at us. But not in a bad way, they just never see children and were amazed to see a toddler at their party. Their lifestyles are so different than ours! I felt like I was wearing a big sign around my neck saying, “Hi, we’re the Mormons from Utah!” when Eva was on my hip and I was holding a diet coke. I really didn’t care, but it was funny to feel so out of the norm.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 6.11.48 PM

I was imagining the party to be sort of like this:

the-office-classy-christmas-01 the-office off_top_dwight-xmas_01 Office-Christmas-the-office-14784422-500-284

But it turned out to be more like this:


After mingling for a little bit, we decided to get out of there and visit Santaland instead. Santaland beats any work party, any day!


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  1. Camille
    Camille says:

    I love all the Office pics! Best Christmas parties ever. I felt pretty stupid going to Tyler’s work parties this year- everyone was drinking and smoking and wearing skanky clothes and I’m standing there with my pregnant belly just feeling so… matronly! Gotta love those “I’m clearly a Mormon” moments.


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