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TJ works as a Graphic Designer for Vivint and the Jazz play at the Vivint Arena in SLC, so because of that, we get a lot of free tickets to games and events. We’ve lucked out even more this year because TJ designed the HomeCourt space ( see some of the photos below) for Vivint in the arena so he has had to go even more than usual to make sure everything is in order. Each time has been such a blast, usually we get free dinner there in the Toyota Club and the seats are great. One time, in fact, we were on the literal first row. The tickets said they were $3K a piece… holy cow! It was incredible/nerve-wracking/amazing. I was so worried I would somehow trip or spill something and ruin the game. So, I did not move the entire game! During half time, everyone left around me and when the Jazz came back to warm up, I was the only one there and I felt like they were putting on a show for me. I even got to throw a ball back to one of the players! My heart was racing, I was so star struck! Haha!

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