January-February Photo Dump

I’ve been trying to play catch up on here since November. I was going to post about my new years resolutions and a look back on 2015 but I’m skipping past those and moving on to life in 2016. The first week of January was great since I was at home but then when I got back to Utah, we all got colds, viruses, and coughs! I’m pretty sure we got every cold possible, but finally are on the mend.

Here’s a glimpse of what we did these past couple of weeks. If you’re on instagram, sorry for the repeats!

  • Thanksgiving Point Farm

    We had a warm day this week, so I took the kids to the farm. It’s amazing how a little sunshine can brighten up life!

  • Play-date Fun

    We visited my friend Erin and the kids wore these funny/cute hats!

  • Redbox Kindness

    We’ve been catching up on movies and one of them last week had this note with a $5 bill inside!

  • Saturday

    One Saturday in February, I met up with some old friends for Brunch to celebrate Galentine’s Day, then we celebrated Baby Reese’s birthday, and to wrap up the night we had a date without kids to see the movie Brooklyn.

  • Jersey Friends

    We had dinner with some old friends from Jersey!

  • Curiosity Museum

    We went to the museum at least three times and set up a play group at the church where Eva got to ride her bike.

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