T is the new Billy

This is Jana and Billy.

They are T.J.’s and my idols.  We don’t actually know them, but we think they are the cutest and trendiest couple ever.

When we were engaged, we compared everything we did to them.  We even tried to reserve the art gallery they had their reception at, but unfortunately it closed down.  I wanted her dress, her shoes, her hair.  T.J. wanted his suit, his shoes, his sockless feet.  I know it is tacky to copy others, but if you’re gonna copy someone, it might as well be them.

We didn’t actually end up copying anything that they did, but we still say things like, “Oh that is so Jana.” We probably sound like stalkers, but I promise it’s nothing too weird, we just adore their style.

Anyway, when I met T.J. at his office today, he walked out with his pants rolled up. Seeing that it hadn’t flooded today, I had to ask him why the heck he did that.

“I’m Billy!”

Oh my gosh, T.J. is so precious. He was so excited to show me his fashion statement.  Now, I do not want to say anything negative about my husband. But I will just say, I may or may not have begged him to roll them back down before we went outside.

That is all.

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