I’ve got another one for ya

Strangers amaze me. Listen to this.

My mom and I were in a boutique this afternoon. She shops their often because the man who owns it gives her decorating advice. So, we were chatting with him and then he asked me when I was due.

“Six weeks.”

“Wow, that soon?! And you’re already that big?!”

“Oh, I know… pretty crazy…” I replied, trying to laugh it off and not take it personally this time.

“Yeah, yesterday there was a woman in here who was also pregnant. She told me she was past her due date but compared to you, she was barely even showing,” he said.

I try to laugh but look at my mom with a face like YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

“You probably shouldn’t say that to a pregnant woman,” my mom told him in a joking tone, hoping it would make him stop.

“Oh, really? Well, maybe it’s just the way the coat is laying on her belly… or something…” He tried to recover.

“You have a really nice store, thanks.” I end the conversation, walk out of the store with my mom and as soon as I shut the door, I burst into tears.

I realize now, I shouldn’t have cried or let it get to me… but seriously?!? I can see why the man said the first comment. People don’t always know what to say to pregnant women and so they say the first thing that comes to mind. But for him to go on and say that second comment? I am amazed. Even if I am that big, you DON’T need to say it to my face!

I told my mom she’s not allowed to shop there anymore.


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  1. Kari
    Kari says:

    Oh sweetie I’m so sorry! People just have no sensitivity anymore! Don’t let them get to you…you look beautiful and you’re going to have a beautiful baby soon to make it all worth it!


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