“It walked on my pillow!”

Because the smell of my house has been making me nauseous lately, I keep all the windows open when we are at home (even when it’s cold… T.J. calls it a freeze out), and when I’m in the living room or kitchen, I open the back door to our patio. There’s not a screen, but I just need air and so it must be done.

Well, today I was about to microwave a burrito for T.J. when I see something spazzing out and flying around the house. I first thought it was a bat but shortly realized it was just a bird. Even though we had a bird growing up, an outside wild bird is really scary and kind of gross to have in your home, so I ran to the hallway and closed the sliding door, but peaked out through the crack to watch T.J. try to get it out of the house. Of course I had to bring up that church story about when a bird flew into the tabernacle and they got it out by closing all doors but one. So we did that, but we have these huge windows above our doors and the bird kept trying to fly out of those.

After a few hits, a lot of flying, and T.J. waving the broom every which way, he finally got it out through the front door. Oh, and it left something for T.J. to find on his shirt, how nice.

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