It walked on my pillow!

I am currently sitting the Long Beach-JetBlue terminal and it turns out this place is like a trailer in the middle of an Alabama summer. Clarification: It looks like a trailer, made like a trailer, and is sticky and hot just like Alabama in July. But it has free wi-fi so that’s fine with me.

Oh, and there’s a bird walking/flying around. I don’t understand why no one else seems to care. I keep laughing at it and trying to take pictures of it, but it seems like me and the three year old girl prancing around are the only ones who have noticed there is a bird inside.

This morning a girl I bought juice from in the SLC airport told me she liked my outfit and then a couple seconds later said, “Oh, I didn’t even see your bump!” If you think that was the best compliment I have received since I’ve gotten pregnant, you are right. Thank you, airport worker, for making my day.

On the opposite scheme of emotions, I forgot for a brief second that in the rest of the world, I “look” too young to be having a kid. I keep seeing people look at me in the airport and I know what those wandering eyes are thinking. So, FYI: I HAVE A WEDDING RING ON & I AM A COLLEGE GRAD! And even if I didn’t have a ring and wasn’t graduated… stop judging, y’all!

Maybe they weren’t judging. But I’m just putting it out there.

Welp, this is me worrying that I won’t get a seat on the next plane and trying to take a picture on my computer without anyone noticing (it’s kind of awkward). Flying standby is awesome because it’s free but I’m getting nervous that I’m going to have to sit in this trailer a little longer than planned!

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  1. Jeanette
    Jeanette says:

    A) I flew Jet Blue into Long Beach when I went to a journalism conference in high school. We had the exact bird experience. So weird, right?!
    B) I do the thing with trying to sneakily take pictures of myself all the time. It’s the best/worst.

  2. Meghan
    Meghan says:

    Okay, Long Beach airport has birds in it all the time. I think I see one every time I’m there. Kind of weird. And, yeah it’s totally a trailer airport. I hope you get/got your flight soon!


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