It is Halloween

T.J. and I were meant for each other because of how excited we get for Halloween. We love throwing Halloween parties, dressing up in creative costumes, eating delicious Halloween themed treats, carving pumpkins, watching creepy (not scary) movies, and really getting into the Halloween spirit.

So, when I got a Groupon email last month for tickets to a boat-ride down the Provo river with pirate attacks and a hundred jack-o’-lanterns, I knew it was for us.

We went there last night on a double date and had a great time. It was completely dark outside except for the stars shining overhead through the trees and the many lit pumpkins lining the river. The captain told corny jokes and then recited a Halloween story that was pretty impressive. There was a “simulated pirate attack” that made me feel like a bunch of little kids just threw this together one year and never stopped living their dream.

Anyway, if you get the chance, you should go! It’s down by Utah Lake at the Clas Ropes Course on Center Street. (Good luck getting there, by the way… there is so much construction!)

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