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It always works out, I tell you!

K, so you see my last post, the one how I was worried about how to pay tuition? Well, we honestly didn’t know how we were going to pay. In the past, miracles have happened right when we needed them, such as the FAFSA coming through paying for all of our tuition or our tax refund being larger than expected, paying for T.J.’s hospital bills. But it’s not FAFSA or tax refund season, so unless we found a check for $1000 in our mailbox from a stranger or deceased relative, we weren’t sure how we going to pay for the tuition next week.

Then last night, I kept having thoughts about loans going through my mind. T.J. really doesn’t like taking out any loans, obviously, so I kept putting off the thought.

But this morning, I received an email notifying me about BYU’s short term loan. If you pay it back in six weeks, there’s no interest or extra cost to you. It’s basically like a payment plan.


I’m in tears writing this, which isn’t saying much considering I’m a hormonal pregnant woman who cries about everything. I just have such a strong testimony of tithing and that our Heavenly Father is aware of our personal needs. He looks our for us and when we do what we’re supposed to do, things will work out somehow.

And when things work out, it isn’t just a coincidence.

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