“Is this real life?”

You remember in that YouTube video David After the Dentist where he asks his dad if this is real life? Last night when I was laying in bed with those cramps, I worried myself to the point of where I thought, “Could I really be going into labor? Is this really happening? Is this real life??”

After waiting for so long, it’s crazy to think that in less than a week I’m considered full term and in less than four weeks, it will be my due date. So, wait a second? There really IS a baby in there? Not just some weird alien moving around that will get out magically? I’m really going to have to deliver this baby? Usually when we say we’re going to “deliver” something, it’s in the context of…

“Hey, can I deliver some cookies to you?”

This may be my first baby, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be as pleasant as that.

Back to me laying in bed last night. My mind would not stop thinking about how we have nothing really ready for this baby. I mean, I guess we do. But when it’s two in the morning and you are thinking irrationally, you think you have nothing. So what am I doing today?

Getting my affairs in order.

I registered at my hospital, am finishing up some of my birthing books, am trying to get the baby room a little more together, and starting to pack a hospital bag.

Next time I have a little labor scare, I’m not going to have a panic attack!

Oh, and P.S. I woke up fine, I’m guessing the cramps were just pains from stretching. NBD.

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