Is it Wednesday yet?

I don’t know why, but I’m just having one of those weeks. I’m trying not to make it one of those months. But the colder weather, a little cold/allergies-thing, and just other stress going on in my life are just all getting me down. And I swear this week could NOT be dragging out any slower!

But even though this week hasn’t been the greatest, there’s much to look forward to:

  1. I’ve seen a little success in my weight loss (I swear this is a constant battle for me, but right now I’m back at it!) as I’ve been eating healthier/working out a little. That always encourages me to keep at it!
  2. Thanksgiving vacation in less than two weeks with my wonderful in-laws. That’s going to be one of the best times of my life! EEK!
  3. Christmas is coming! That means Macy’s Santaland, Rockefeller Christmas Tree, Christmas music/treats/decorations, and a long trip to Kentucky to visit my family.
  4. YSA Game Night this Friday. We are the Sunday School teachers for the YSA group in our ward and we are finally having a little get-together at our house for them! I really have grown to love them and to teach them each week even though the Old Testament has been difficult for me.
  5. Movie night this week… going to see the new movie Interstellar soon!

Okay, now with that list to cheer me up… Eva and I are off for a long walk and maybe a stop for a Diet Coke. Goodness knows, if I ever need a little pick me up, an icy cold diet soda sure does the trick!

Here’s a fun flashback from almost exactly a year ago!

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