Irrational Fears

  1. Whenever I walk into a bathroom with a closed shower curtain, I must look behind it to make sure there’s not a murderer/rapist.
  2. I also check behind the curtain to make sure no snakes have come up from the drain. I’ve been scared of snakes coming through the bath drain for as long as I can remember. Ridiculous, I know.
  3. Catching bed bugs at the movie theater or on an airplane
  4. If I take medicine with soda, I worry it’s going to explode in my stomach.
  5. My car brakes going out or my wheels all coming off when driving on the highway

Welcome to Crazytown, USA.

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  1. Elise Parker
    Elise Parker says:

    I share fears number 1 & 2 with you. I also hate showering when I’m home alone because I think, “This is how the girl always dies in movies…” Weird, I know.


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