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Last weekend, we went to Southern Utah to visit T.J.’s family. His uncle has this little pygmy goat. Adorable!

Living it up at T.J.’s aunt’s new house with a theater room

Beautiful sunset on our way down to Southern Utah

I printed these out and hung them up in our living room.

Cutie Pie Face

Captured this photo on my jog on Tuesday. Isn’t fall so amazing?

More homemade decorations… these are for the Ward Halloween party on Friday!

Monday night, I got us a babysitter and we snuck out of the house after Eva went to sleep to see Frankenweenie! It’s definitely one of my favorite Tim Burton movies and was so fun to have a date night with my hubby!

I got that party hat for Eva’s birthday but put it on her from time to time because it’s just so cute.

I painted Eva’s toes for the first time and it got me so excited for all the girly things we will do together as she grows up!

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