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A month ago, we went to the NYC library again to show T.J. the children’s book exhibit. Eva kept saying she was scared. I had to laugh a bit because it reminded me of how in Ghostbusters, there are ghosts in the NYC library. She looks so concerned in this photo. Also, her ponytail… I love being able to put all of her hair back!

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We got a new stroller this month! Well, new to us. It was a great find on craigslist! $150 off the new price and was in great condition! It even came with the car seat which attaches underneath, in the back, or in place of the toddler seat where Eva is sitting. Awesome! Overall, I like it more than my old stroller. It’s built to last and can withstand the constant use and wear we put our stroller through every day, although it’s much heavier and a little harder to steer with Eva than my older babytrend jogging stroller. But I am very excited about it and happy it has an option for two kids, if we ever need it one day. One day very far from now. Haha!

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Our mall just put in this little Kidville play area in Sears. On rainy days, we go over there an play. It’s been so nice!

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Summer days are the best! I love where we live… we have such great parks just a step away, including the Newport Green which includes this neat sandy beach right on the Hudson.

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I try to get Eva out everyday to a park, if possible, and wear her out for a nap. Two year olds aren’t huge fans of naps, don’t you know? But one day, I must have worn her out. I found Eva laying on the ground at the nap playing with her little baby.

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Eva does not like the splash pad! I’m hoping the more we go, the more she will want to play. But last week, all the water that would turn on and off kept scaring her. (We are in a “scared” phase.) Ugh. “No like splash pad!”

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I met up with an old friend and classmate from BYU in the city! It was so fun to see her!

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Pool days with this bug are the best! We love summer and can’t get enough of this weather!

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  1. mom
    mom says:

    These are all so darn cute. But my favorite is that one at the library. She really does look like she is afraid of something in there! You’re so blessed to have such a fun and healthy little girl.

  2. Camille
    Camille says:

    Millie is in a scared phase right now too! And she only became a fan of the splash pad last week when she saw her cousins going nuts in the water. They are so much alike! I love it!


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