Insanity: Day 1

So, I started the DVD workout series called Insanity. It’s a 60 day program full of max interval training. Today I had to do the Fit Test. You know how people tell you not to swim alone because it’s dangerous? In the middle of this first video I thought,

Is this even safe?

Because, it sure didn’t feel like it.

Seriously, my heart was pounding. Not just in my chest, but through my whole body (is that even possible?). I was sweating, cramping, wanting to die. I went on to think,

What if I have a heart attack? I’m going to die right here, home alone!

But the good news is that I was excited to keep going and to push myself harder. It can only get better from here, right? I’m sure I’m probably wrong, the workouts will probably just get even more intense, but I know I can do this!

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