In [three] years time

Three years ago, I was a little freshman in Harris Hall over in the dorms. January came upon us and, for all of you who don’t know what that meant, all I can say is LOST.

Yes, LOST was starting back up and I didn’t have my usual crowd from back home to watch it with me. So, one thing led to another and my Visiting Teachee’s roommate said,

I’ll watch LOST! Let’s be best friends!

And so we did. And we were.

This best friend of mine turned 22 years old today. I want to wish Hannah, my multicultural friend (pick your favorite: Asian, Mexican, Eskimo-an, South African, British) who I watched LOST with just three years ago, a very happy Birthday!

Our friendship is unique. It just works. We compliment each other and always have a ball together. Whether it’s to share the latest gossip… er… I mean…news, to stay up all night and watch old movies, cleaning our rooms (but mostly Hannah’s room), seeing midnight movies, going on road trips, Facebook stalking, or wedding planning, Hannah’s been the best!

So, here’s to you, Hannah! Thanks for watching Lost with me. Thanks for not making fun of me when I cry all the time, letting me clean your room, teaching me how to make cupcake bites, taking me to Easter dinner that one time, helping me Facebook stalk, not getting mad when I don’t plan anything ahead, being the best Maid of Honor, exposing me to Ingrid, taking so many classes with me through the years, not judging me when I got food out of the vending machines during church, getting me to go the gym, introducing me to our newest bestie (hint: starts with a Shoe and ends with a Kria), letting me eat all of your popcorn balls last Halloween, speaking in abreves, sparking my addiction with the Pie Hole and everything that goes with Pushing Daisies, sharing your “candy” water with me-however gross it was, studying late in the library with me, and g-chatting with me every afternoon.

You’re the best and I hope you have a wonderful year!

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  1. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    best post ever? you betcha. i love you and i’m so glad we’re best friends! this post is seriously tender and i really love it. i love us! happy birthday to me!


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