In My Head

  1. 57702438945628988_qRGBBT6l_cDo you ever have days where you just feel empty inside? I’m blaming it on PMS. 
  2. Monday night, I had friends over to watch The Bachelor premiere. Uhm, hello. It was awful… I mean, awesome. I hate that show so much sometimes, but I also just love it. The awkwardness of Sean meeting all the girls made me cringe so much that I had to cover my eyes! It will be a fun season. See all you girls at my house next week, same time!
  3. I’m still feeling leftovers of my flu. I can’t get rid of this sore in my throat. Whenever I swallow, my ear hurts a bit too. Last night I woke up in the night from coughing so much. Should I go back to the doctor?
  4. For the past couple days, Eva and I have shared a green smoothie. She loves it so much that sometimes she cries when it’s gone! It feels incredible getting a couple of servings of green veggies and fruits in before 9 am!
  5. I miss my parents and Kentucky. I love it here, I really do, but coming back is always hard.
  6. I’m starting to get really anxious about our future. The condo we live in is in the process of going on the market, so we could be out really soon if it sells right away. But it may take a while. You just never know with these types of things. So, fellow wardies, pray that we get to stay here until May-as planned.
  7. I wish we could go to Vegas for MLK weekend. This cold weather is crazy! But Vegas and a 1-year old doesn’t sound like a complete joy.
  8. I did Insanity for the first tie in a while this week. Holy cow. I. am. sore.
  9. T.J. randomly brought me home roses on Tuesday. It made me cry.
  10. I’m in the mood to be crafty but don’t have any crafts to be crafted. Ideas?


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