I’m a Believer

I’m a believer. I’ve got the fever. The fever, yes the fever, of Justin Bieber.

Stop judging me. Why am I not allowed to adore the musical talent of a 16 year old boy?

He’s talented so get over it and get on board.

[Sidebar: I’ve figured out which type of love I feel for Justin Bieber. It’s not romantic seeing that I’m married and he’s 16. It’s not motherly either because, well I’m not his mom (although I almost could be because his mom had him when she was a teen). It’s not an older sister love because I don’t feel like I could be his sibling (although that would be awesome).

It is the babysitter love. You know… like when you fell in love with the little kiddies you babysat back in high school and now they’ve grown up. You still adore them, but they don’t care too much about you since they have had lots of babysitters. In this case the other babysitters are the millions of other girls feeling the way I feel. Nailed it.]

Moving on. I cannot stop thinking about the premiere/my best friend/the kid I babysat/Justin Bieber. Details about the experience (yes, an experience, because it was not just a movie) coming soon.

Until then, watch this:

Oh, you finished that one? You want another? I can’t blame you. Here’s another one:

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