Ideas for my future

  • Be a nanny
  • Be an undercover shopper (I already googled that one… no positions available in the area, dang it.)
  • Write reviews on TV shows
  • Walk dogs
  • Clean and decorate my house everyday
  • Make books about my favorite quotes from Arrested Development and The Office and relate them to my life.
  • Sell (and eat) popcorn on the corner of University and State.
  • Search for old books and sell them back.
  • Dedicate my life to couponing (I know I could do that, I watched a show on TLC all about how they do it.)
  • Work at the Pie Hole and make pies every day.
  • Make and sell my own sticky notes with prewritten messages.
  • Walk the streets of Paris.
  • Eat a banana.
  • Sweep the floor.

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