Ice Castles

You better believe I will be visiting these amazing ice castles in Midway this winter. Pretty much the coolest thing I have ever seen. Click on the photograph for more information and more photos!

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  1. Hannah Judd
    Hannah Judd says:

    and you better believe i’m dying for you to return my call so i can hear about your encounter with your mentee. please and thanks. also, now i want to go to this. and i like your new header!

  2. Sean
    Sean says:

    You should probably take Heidi and I with you. I’ll just make sure my little robot friend doesn’t help us get lost: “You have arrived at your destination.”

  3. Monique
    Monique says:

    Uhm, ya, I stumbled upon that site/photo in the middle of summer and have been waiting ever since!!! I am so excited to go! It’s one of the things that will make winter a happy season for me 🙂


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