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“I like to torture them.”

  1. Our crib arrived today! Thanks to my in-laws for the amazing gift and for setting it up! I will show pics once the nursery is complete.
  2. I’m in a very crafty mood. Now if I just felt good enough to do something… Stupid cold!
  3. Julie and Julia was just on. Do you love that movie as much as me? It’s one of my all-time favorites.
  4. I ate a spinach salad for dinner. Maybe that doesn’t seem like anything to share, but I kind of feel like I should get a round of applause for it… Yes… Thank you!
  5. I set up the baby swing tonight! It’s adorable… plus, I paid for it through gift cards, so that’s even more awesome.
  6. Have you ever tried to listen to the Book of Mormon while you follow along? One word, four syllables: incredible. I highly recommend it. Download it here.
  7. I badly need a haircut. I’ve worn my hair up with a headband so much lately… that’s when you know it’s really time.
  8. We get our car back tomorrow. Did I tell you someone hit us in a parking lot on campus? Well, the car’s been in the shop since last Monday and so we’ve had a rental. It’s a Hyundai Tuscon. I’m seriously in love with it, except for the fact it guzzles gas! But, I will be sad to turn it back in tomorrow.
  9. I think we have decided on a baby name. But you will just have to wait and find out when she comes…
  10. In correspondence with the title, we watched Ghostbusters this weekend and I thought I’d share one of my favorite parts with you.


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