I {heart} the Olympics + Mr. Bean

I have loved watching the Olympics. I’ve never really watched them as much as I have this year, I think it’s because usually I don’t have a TV in my apartment, but this year we’ve been watching it just about everyday. I think my favorite so far has been the women’s gymnastics and men’s synchronized diving.

I’m pretty sure if I ever won a gold metal in the Olympics, I’d use that as an excuse to never do anything for the rest of my life and just be as lazy as I could be.

I told that to my mom and she said that’s why I could never be an Olympian. Touché, Mom. Touché.

My favorite part of the Opening Ceremony, of course, was Mr. Bean. I grew up watching Mr. Bean, so seeing him in the show was incredible.

I couldn’t figure how to embed the video on my blog, but click on the photo of Mr. Bean if you missed it live.

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