I Can Hear the Bells

Four years ago, on a late night in April, my brother dropped me off at my new apartment complex. I knocked on the door and a girl came to the door. I wasn’t sure if I was at the right place or if it was the right time for me to move in, so I seemed a bit hesitant when I said, “Hey, uhh I think I’m your new roommate? Are you Bethany?”

Bethany and I always look back at that evening because I was this little 19 year old who arrived on a newly returned missionary’s doorstep and from there, we both changed each others’ lives! Ever since that night, we have been the type of friends who don’t necessarily need to see each other every day to stay close. We can just call and catch up every once in a while and it seems like no time has passed. Aren’t those the best types of friends?

That summer that we lived together in Chathamtown, she helped me grow up and mature so much and really helped me grow my testimony in the gospel of Jesus Christ and I helped her get out of her awkward RM phase. 🙂 It was the best mix, and I have loved her ever since. She is one of the most special girls I know and deserves the absolute best.

Well, she found the absolute best and as you can tell, is incredibly happy! Last evening, I attended their sealing in the Mount Timp. temple and got to be at her wedding dinner following. I am so grateful that she has found her perfect companion! I don’t know him too well yet, but you can just tell that they are perfect for each other!

Love you, Bethany!

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  1. Courtney Wilson
    Courtney Wilson says:

    I know Chris! He was in my Finance core and if I may be so bold to share my opinion–she did get the best. He is such a great guy! Congratulations to the new couple!


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