I broke a promise to myself…

Once upon a time, I made a goal to never go to Idaho. Never drive through, never visit. Ridiculous. Ignorant. I know. But kind of funny, right? (I know, I’m really lame.) Everyone makes goals of places they want to visit, and from what I had heard from a couple people (and seen on Napoleon Dynamite) I just decided I wanted to never go there.

Then my sister-in-law and her family moved there last month and everything changed. I had to go visit her! My in-laws were driving up there, so I hitched a ride with them last weekend and we headed up to Boise.

Well, jokes’ on you, self… because it was not too shabby of a place. Sure, the drive wasn’t exactly exciting. But I’ve driven through Nebraska and Kansas. After those two states, nothing seems boring anymore. The area my sister-in-law is in is really nice and in a new development. The mall is awesome (so that boosts any city’s rating), and the downtown area of Boise is really beautiful.

I’m not kidding you, on my way up to Boise, I texted T.J. to tell him I never want to move to Idaho. On the way home, I texted him I was in the wrong and I actually wouldn’t mind because it turned out to be really nice!

Anyway, that’s my little spiel. Looking back on it, I am so ignorant. And although it was a funny goal, the moral behind the story is to never be closed minded about new places or go off of what you’ve heard from others or seen in the media. I hate when people do that about Utah… so I will no longer do that to other places! FORGIVE ME!

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