Husbands {sigh}

Yesterday, T.J. and I ran into an old friend on campus, who was with a friend.  We had a funny moment that I thought I would share.

T.J.: So, what are you up to?

Friend: Just running some errands.

(T.J. thought she said, “Just running with Maren.”)

T.J. to her friend: Oh, I’m assuming you’re Maren.

Silence for a couple of seconds.  No one could understand what he was talking about.  I broke the silence because it was getting so awkward.

Katie: Well, that was weird.  We’ll see you around.

When we were walking away, I asked T.J. was the heck he was talking about.  He replied, “Well, she said she was running with Maren…”  Then it hit him.  “Ohhh, running some errands.”

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