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Hump Day Update

    • This week is going so fast. I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday… awesome!
    • It’s supposed to be 50 degrees and sunny on Saturday! I’ve got to think of something fun for us to do in the city so we can take advantage of the warmth! Maybe we’ll go to a splashpad… haha just kidding. After months of crazy weather, 50 really does feel like summer.
    • Have you guys been watching Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show this week? We love Jimmy SO much and are so excited for this new change, even though it’s pretty much the same as his old show… still neat. Seeing his show live here in NYC is on my bucket list before we move. Last night Jerry Seinfeld was on and it was HILARIOUS. You’ve got to watch it below!
    • After 7 straight days of Eva not napping, today she FINALLY took a nap. She’s been asleep for almost two hours… sweet bliss! Let’s hope this breaks the no-nap cycle! Eva is not ready to transition to no-nap/quiet time. She is high strung (wonder where she got that? 🙂 ) and needs the nap still to get through the day or else she has a major breakdown at night.
    • Another Eva note… for the past two days she has eaten SO much. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s awesome. It’s not like she’s eating more than a toddler should, but considering it’s a constant battle to get that girl to eat a normal meal or more than a couple bites of anything, this is a big deal! I’ve been praising her nonstop since she’s gotten this big appetite and doesn’t fight me at meal time. Who knows what’s going on but I hope it stays! I was actually worried she would throw up because she’s not used to eating so much at meals, but she hasn’t had problems yet!
    • Sometimes I watch those olympians and just think how it’s crazy what the human body is capable of. Isn’t it amazing? They have so much dedication and motivation – it’s inspiring. I teared up when Meryl Davis and Charlie White won the gold medal in ice dancing because they’re so incredible! Ahh… I’ve just loved the olympics this year!

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