How to Surprise your Husband

Before I write about my trip to DC where we surprised T.J., I want to share with you all the many ways to surprise him that me and my family (including my niece who is 5 years old) brainstormed.

  • Hide in the closet
  • Hide in the bed
  • Tell T.J. my sister is watching her baby niece and that she will be sleeping in the same room as T.J. and see if he gets the connection
  • Cut a whole in the middle of the dining room table, stick my head there, put a platter on top and then unveil!
  • Hide in the trunk
  • Pretend to be a homeless person at the bus stop and see if T.J. stops for me
  • Walk past T.J. at the bus stop and see if he notices
  • Put towels over my head and pretend I’m a ghost (Claire’s idea)
  • Have everyone dress up in costumes (Claire’s idea)
  • Have everyone dress up in costumes and turn my sister’s home into a haunted house (do you see how Claire built up the idea?)
  • Put cardboard over the door and then a sheet (Claire’s idea, who knows what it meant)
  • Just hang out in the living room and be sitting on the couch when T.J. walks in

One night, we just sat around the dinner table laughing at all the crazy ideas! Which one did we pick? You will have to wait and see…

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