Horrible Skyline

Last night I was in serious need of Skyline chili. But it was already 8 pm and too late to make my homemade edition. So, I thought… Why not just use a can of chili that I have on hand, add some extra spices to make it taste more like Skyline (e.g. cinnamon), throw it on top of some spaghetti and add a touch of shredded cheese.

It was going to be the best meal…

…Until I tasted it and for some reason, the chili just didn’t work with the spaghetti. It was like there was extra grease in it or something. I don’t know. It was just slimy and weird and so disappointing. Plus, I didn’t have oyster crackers. Double disappointing.

I neeeeed REAL Skyline. PLEASE someone send me a can from home!!!

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