Hoppy Easter!

Wow, what a great Easter! First off, we received a fun Easter care package in the mail from my parents early on in the week. It’s always so fun to get things in the mail, especially holiday themed! Then on Friday, Eva had an Easter party and egg hunt at school, they even dyed eggs. On Saturday, we headed over to TJ’s parents’ house for another egg hunt with all the cousins. It was so funny to see the kids wandering around the yard. We were so confused why they weren’t taking all the eggs and then figured out each of them only wanted certain colors or kinds. Very particular little kids! They each had a giant egg with their picture on it, filled with a little gift from their grandparents.


On Sunday, Eva woke up after 9 (!!!) and was so excited to search for her Easter basket. The Easter Bunny brought her a little candy, bubbles, and some new ballet slippers since the ones he brought last Easter she has now outgrown. He brought Finn bubbles, socks, and a summer tank top to show off his chubby arms. I prepped for Easter dinner and got ready with some Easter music playing in the background, which always put me in a good mood. After church, we had TJ’s parents over for dinner for a traditional ham dinner, and boy, was it yummy, if I may say so myself! We even got outside for a bit to blow bubbles.

We had a wonderful weekend!

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