Homemade Pretzels

I came across the following photo on Pinterest the other day and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I NEEDED TO MAKE HOT PRETZELS! I’ve made pretzels in the past, but I decided to try making the dough this time in my bread machine.


So, I was following the recipe in the bread machine pamphlet for the large size and I realized that it called for an absurd amount of salt. It said, “1 TBS + 1/4 Cup.”

1/4 cup of salt is a lot. A lot. I didn’t want to stray from the directions since it was going in the bread machine, but something really seemed off. I decided to use my detective skills and look at how much salt the medium and small sizes called for. The small size was exactly half of the ingredients for everything except for the salt so it was confirmed… It was a misprint.

Anyway, I figured it all out and they turned out wonderfully. Thank goodness I didn’t put all that salt in. I can’t imagine how horrible it would have been.

I made some of the cheese dipping sauce found on this blog post. It was sooooo good. And here we are, probably one pound heavier.


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