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Homemade Enchiladas and Catch Phrase

When you aren’t dating, going to a new ward at church is great. I would try to meet people and get to know everyone’s names. I’d scope out the boys and try to get asked out on dates.

When you are dating/engaged, it’s a little less enthralling.  Last year I only got to know a few girls in my ward, and only knew the names of my home teachers.

When you’re a newlywed, going to a new ward is a new experience.  Suddenly, the social scene doesn’t play a big part anymore, because you have your best friend and husband right next to you.  Trying to get to know a whole ward seems tiring and useless… at first.

But I’m sick of not knowing anyone!  I hate not having people sit by in Relief Society.  I mean I introduce myself to people and everyone is friendly, but as soon as the meeting is over, we go our separate ways.

My favorite thing in college used to be going to a new ward and meeting everyone, attending activities, and having parties.  Why does all of that fun have to end when you get married??

Answer: It doesn’t have to and I won’t let it!

So last night, in effort to make new friends and have fun as a married couple, we invited a girl in our ward over.  My darling friend’s husband is away for a year in the National Guard.  We pretty much became instant friends through Facebook and blogging and I’ve been dying to hang out with her.  Then, I asked her to bring any couple she knew from the ward over as well, so we could get to know a few other people.

I made homemade enchiladas (thank you, Betty Crocker), spanish rice, and a fruit salad.  I was so excited to finally use our Fiesta yellow plates and fruit dishes.  I just love being the host and throwing a dinner party.  When you have people to cook for, it is so much more fun!  But sometimes when I am cooking for two, I don’t have too much motivation. Anyway, dinner was great and it was fun to get to know our new friends.  It was nice to talk to people that were in the same situations as us, and to hear their stories and relate to them.

T.J. and I decided we want to do this at least once a month, so we get to know more people in the ward (and so I have someone to sit by in RS).  So, let me know if you want to come over and we’ll get the party started!

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