Home, Sweet Home

I am in Kentucky right now. I always forget how many trees there are out here. It is like a jungle. A beautiful, fall-colored jungle.

Not much to report so far, other than how the Provo airport was ridiculously tiny. The lobby felt like a motel lobby and the waiting room like an office. There wasn’t an intercom system, just a guy who spoke up so the people in the one gate could hear him. But I did love not having to drive up to Salt Lake, especially since I flew into Louisville which is two hours away from my home.

This morning I went through my baby book. I got emotional as soon as I started to look through it… crazy prego hormones. I’ve looked through that book a hundred times, but I guess looking through it as a soon-to-be-momma really got to me (especially when I read a note from my mom that said she couldn’t wait for me to one day have my own daughter). Here are a couple things I learned about myself as a baby:

  • I was 9 lbs, 9.5 ounces. So, when my baby comes out looking like a beast, please don’t judge me… it’s just in my genes!
  • I started crawling at six months and walking at nine.
  • I wouldn’t ever take a bottle and I hated being in the car.
  • When I was 2 and a 1/2, I loved puzzles and would say, “Puzzle me,” when I wanted to do a puzzle. (Which makes me know why I love The Office so much when they say, “Beer me.”
  • When I was born, I didn’t have too much hair but by 9 months, it had grown out of control!

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  1. Kari
    Kari says:

    Oh my gosh Katie! Look at that last picture! It still looks just like you! And I do believe that if you were a big baby you will have bigger babies. One more thing we can thank our parents for! lol


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